Once again, Nancy Pelosi has another "moment." While on CNN with Chris Cuomo, she got into a heated exchange about the memo the GOP voted to be released. When she was asked about the document she referred to it as a "total misrepresentation." Additional to that, she said that the document should be reviewed by intelligent officials before it was allowed to be made public. Keep in mind, the House voted Monday to do this.

Cuomo questioned Pelosi as to why FBI Director Christopher Wray hasn't stepped in and objected to the memo being released. Pelosi fired back,"Let me just say this with all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about right now," and from there she stuttered and stumbled over her words as to why the memo should not be released.

The Democratic strategy has been to argue that the memo cannot be understood without first viewing the massive supporting documentation and the context it provides.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told Congress last week that the public will not be able to understand it, so Congress cannot release it.

"Well, because the American people, unfortunately, don’t have the underlying materials and therefore they can’t see how distorted and misleading this document is," Schiff said during an interview over the weekend. "The Republicans are not saying 'Make the underlying materials available to the public.'"

Whether they like it or not the memo is going public soon.

Dems argue that is President Trump were to release the memo, which contains classified information, this would be unlike any move in history. Nevermind that the classified information would be declassified and redacted before it is released.

Per Daily Wire:

In 2009, Obama's release of "exhaustive details about interrogation methods used by the Central Intelligence Agency could lead to a flood of new disclosures about secret Bush administration operations against Al Qaeda," The New York Times reported.

Republicans, meanwhile, say the American people can make up their own minds. They argue that the memo details clear evidence of an anti-Trump bias both at the Justice Department and within Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia's supposed interference in the 2016 election.

Check out the brutal clip of Nancy Pelosi struggling and fumbling her words. If you ca stomach it, that is.

Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Mind Over Release Of FISA Memo

Many people had a laugh at Pelosi's expense on Twitter.

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