Savannah Guthrie from NBC News had a moment to question Republican Senator Tim Scott who spoke during the Republican National Convention this earlier this week.

Savannah Guthrie asked South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott, who had concluded the program at the RNC on Monday, if he wished “that rhetoric would be ratcheted down a little bit?”

Scott responded calmly, “Well, this is a political process and drawing contrast is very important.”

Prior to her querying Scott, Guthrie played clips from the previous night, commenting, “The Republicans last week ripped the Democrats’ convention for being dark and promised that theirs would be more optimistic and hopeful."

Let me just say that this is exactly what the RNC has been this week. This is by far the most inspirational and moving convention that I've ever seen. This is what a convention should be.

You didn't see a lot of cool, hip celebrities like you did with the DNC. What we saw was a lot of real Americans telling their stories.

Guthrie went on to play a few cut-up clips from the RNC from Don Jr., Rep. Matt Gaetz and Patricia McCloskey.

Donald Trump Jr.: "It’s almost like this election is shaping up to be church, work, and school versus rioting, looting, and vandalism."

Rep. Matt Gaetz: "They’ll disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home, and invite MS-13 to live next door."

Patricia McCloskey: "Your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America."

Then Guthrie questioned Sen. Scott, "Now, your speech was pretty upbeat, although you did land some punches, I’ll grant you. Do you like that message that the convention sent last night or do you wish that rhetoric would be ratcheted down a little bit?"

Obviously, Sen. Scott wasn't going to play into Guthrie's little games.

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