Some people can handle constructive criticism. Nancy Pelosi is not one of them. Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes a suggestion to Pelosi and the entire left loses it.

So what was the suggestion Sanders made to Pelosi? She suggested to "smile more" and also stated that Pelosi is beginning to "embody the bitterness" that Sanders sees exuding from the entire Democratic party.

Since the left believes any suggestion to women is sexist, they obviously were not a fan of her suggestion.

While on CNN (of all places), Sanders decided to give some friendly advice to Pelosi. This was after Pelosi was caught mid-scowl by the cameras many times during the State of the Union. Many photos of Pelosi on Twitter went viral. Some claimed she had something in her mouth that she was playing with. It has to be difficult to mean mug for that long.

"I think she should smile a lot more often. I think the country would be better for it," Sanders said while on CNN. “She seems to kind of embody the bitterness that belongs in the Democrat party right now."

So much hate from the left Tuesday night. They refused to stand even on things they clearly agree with. Even when President Trump entered the joint session. Even during times of disagreement, this is something that has always been a point of etiquette. Instead of viewing Sanders's suggestion as what it was - a point of how angry the left is - it was viewed as blatant sexism. Which  is insanity.

Other leftists, while completely missing their own hypocrisy, suggested Sanders needs to smile more.

As usual, it's only sexist if someone from the right says it. Oh, the hypocrisy. The left's favorite dish.

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