When asked whether they would rather date a Trump supporter or a convicted felon, most DC residents chose the felon, as part of an on-camera sidewalk survey.

Incredibly, the majority opted for the convicted felon. Many of the respondents were so quick to ditch the idea of dating a Trump supporter that they didn't even ask what the felony was.

Watch the video: Trump supporter or felon?

Per Daily Caller:

When asked why they wouldn’t date a Trump supporter, people said they “just couldn’t” and would “never” do it.

Despite the left-leaning nature of D.C., The Daily Caller did manage to find a few people who would rather date a Trump supporter.

“Not as scary as a convicted felon,” one young woman said when asked why she would go for the Trump supporter.

One former Trump bodyguard who was visiting from out of town said, “I’m a staunch conservative and I read The Daily Caller and I love Tucker Carlson.”

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

As one of the Twitter users stated, these "man on the street" interviews are brutal and always seem to get the worst of society. Or do they? This seems to just be how people in DC feel about President Trump.

It would be interesting to see the responses if conservatives were asked whether they would date a felon or a liberal. What do you think?

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