That's racist! That was the response from the left to the "Roseanne" episode about her Muslim neighbors. Not surprising, right?

During the episode, Roeseanne is suspicious of her Muslim neighbors, but is forced to ask them for their Wi-Fi password. Later on in the episode, Roseanne defends one of the Muslim neighbor's family members in an exchange with a grocery store cashier.

It's your classic story of someone not being accepting of someone different, then by the end they realize they are people just like them and all is well.

Meanwhile, the left is triggered by the episode. Particularly Amber Ruffin, who hosts a segment called "Amber's Minute of Fury" on Seth Meyers' late night talk show "Late Night."

“Roseanne is back, and better than ever, and being racist,” Ruffin says. “In this tired-ass episode, she has Muslim neighbors and she thinks they’re terrorists until they give her their WiFi password and then she decides they’re okay and saves them from a different racist person, proving that she is no longer racist.”

According to reports, this episode was requested by Roseanne Barr herself, who was looking to confront "her own bias" on the show. She has already been in Hollywood hot water due to her pro-Trump comments she has made.

Per The Hill:

Ruffin said that the episode was “poison” because it pushes a mindset that people of color have to prove that they are “one of the good ones” in order to have successful relationships with white people.

“What would have happened in this episode if they had been mean to her, as was their right to do?” Ruffin said of Roseanne. “She’d have called the cops and they’d have gone to jail. That’s what the f—k what! And that’s what’s wrong with this episode–the minorities had to prove themselves to her. That’s a dangerous mentality and it isn’t limited to Roseanne.”

Ruffin referenced a series of incidents that have made national headlines in recent weeks, including two Native American men who were pulled from a college tour after a white woman said they made her "nervous," and a white neighbor calling the police on three black Airbnb guests, saying she thought they were burglars because they did not wave to her.

“What world does this neighbor live in?” Ruffin said. “One where there’s only two kinds of people–people who wave, and burglars?”

“White people call the police when we’re not polite,” said Ruffin, who is black. “But politeness is not the rent we pay to live in this country. Slavery was, and we paid that in full … It is asking too much of black people to live under all of this oppression and also make you feel comfortable.”

She suggested that the apparent increase in incidents has been due to the Trump presidency, joking that she “can’t figure out” an explanation while a picture of Trump appeared beside her.

Watch the video:

What do you think? Was this episode looking to create backlash or using their exposure to expose a topic and shed light on it?

Regardless, it has people talking about the issues and that's a good thing.

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