Former President Bill Clinton accidentally gave the perfect explanation as to why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

The two-time loser herself gave many reasons as to why she lost. These include Facebook, Russia, sexism and many others. Bill Clinton gave the reason as to why she really lost during a Thursday story about Osama bin Laden. it was her absolute lack of respect for her enemy.

Per Washington Examiner:

"One of the things that gets you into bad decision-making is dehumanizing and underestimating your adversaries," Clinton said Thursday during an event for his soon-to-be-released novel.

He recalled a 2000 transition period interview with former President George W. Bush in which he said, "I know you think that Saddam Hussein is the biggest security threat facing this country, but I promise you Osama bin Laden is."

"I said, 'This guy is so smart, and he comes from the richest family in Saudi Arabia,'" Clinton continued. "He could have lived a cushy and hypocritical life, but instead he's living in a cave somewhere and has to have dialysis, so you know he believes in what he's doing."

"Better to respect your adversaries if you want to defeat him."

This is a much better case for why Hillary Clinton lost than any of the excuses she came up with. It wasn't Russian hackers. No matter how many changes Zuck makes to Facebook, that wouldn't have saved her. It wasn't sexism. She was leading in so many of the polls.

She is very out of touch. When it comes to respecting your opponents or relating to people that come from a very different background than her, she has a hard time relating to people.

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