FBI Directory James Comey has made it known there will not be charges for her role in mishandling of classified information while heading the State Department.

This outraged conservatives across the country. It was just a fishy situation. Loretta Lynch had her secret meeting with Bill Clinton days before the announcement. This was also the same day Obama joined Clinton on the campaign trail.

Donald Trump thought the entire process was unfair and points to the outcome as evidence that the system is "rigged" and he took to Twitter to let everyone know his stance.


Trump was absolutely correct. Petraeus revealed information he gathered while he was a military commander in Iraq. He shared the info with a woman who was writing his biography. He was also romantically involved with this woman.

So Petraeus got in trouble for sharing information with one person, while Hillary shared with loads of people and got away with it.

What was the difference between the two? Obama is counting on Hillary to continue pushing forward with his liberal policies.

As usual, there are rules for the Clintons and then there are rules for everyone else. Is Trump the guy who could fix the "rigged system" in Washington? Please like and share this article on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about his chances.

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