Just Days Before DNC, Wikileaks EXPOSES Hillary

Leading up to the Democrat National Convention, there is no question that the Hillary Clinton campaign was hoping to be focused on the apparent choice for VP running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Well, Wikileaks had other intentions.

Well Hillary’s plans have been destroyed. Instead of talking about her VP candidate, she will instead be explaining how her cronies that are heading the Democrat Party were going undercover to undermine the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The emails embarrassed Debbie Wasserman Schultz specifically, who happens to be the DNC chair as well as a close friend of Hillary.

This video gives a lot more information on the leaks.


Perhaps Trump was right all along. The system is rigged!

Hillary needs to get ready, the ride is just beginning for her. And it’s going to be a  rough ride. Like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you are completely fed up with her antics. This

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