Daddy Trump doesn't see creepy Uncle Joe a threat in the 2020 presidential election, and why should he?

Former Vice President Joe Biden, whom we infamously know as a creep, has tossed his bid for the 2020 election into the ring. However, President Donald Trump  isn't concerned in the slightest. In fact, he doesn't see Biden as a challenge at all!

“I don’t see Joe Biden as a threat. I think he’s only a threat to himself,” Trump said. “I just don’t see him as a threat. He’s been there a long time. His record’s not good. He’d have to run on the Obama failed record."

Do we even have enough time in the day to go over all the failures of the Obama

Our witty, social media troll of  a president also took to Twitter and Facebook to humorously poke at Biden....and the internet LOVED it!

“People got a kick out of it. He’s going through a situation. Let’s see what happens,” Trump added about the trolling, “People got a kick. You gotta sort of smile a little bit, right?”

Of course Uncle Joe was butthurt and retorted that he is not surprised about the tweet. He claims that Trump doesn't do his job but insinuated he spends his time on the internet instead.

Hey Joe, can you explain why our economy is booming under Trump and was crumbling under Obama, then? We can wait.

Boo hoo.

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