It was a matter of time before this happens. Two topless feminist protesters stormed into a Muslim conference and then guess what happens? They get the crap kicked out of them.

Let's think about some of the things feminists stand for. They claim there is an income gap (there isn't). They want to be able to be topless, but while they fight for that they also claim that anyone who stares at their boobs is sexist. Despite all of this they normally leave Islam alone. We all know that Islam is the world's leader in anti-feminism. They allow women to be beaten and offer no legal services for those who suffer rape.

Let's bring on the feminists! FEMEN!

Per Steven Crowder:

Couple of things here.

1) Yes, these women are annoying. They’ve pulled this at all different kinds of events, including Catholic ones, Conservative ones etc. It’s obnoxious, BUT…

2) This is the only instance in recent memory of which I can think, where the obnoxious feminists were actually physically assaulted. I don’t mean aggressively shoved offstage, but kicked while on the ground. Which brings me to the final point…

3) Seems the “religion of peace” breeds some pretty cowardly men. At first, the imams walk away. Then, once security comes in and begins controlling the women, only then do the other Muslim chaps come in and kick the women while on the floor.

Yes, they literally kick the women, while they were on the floor. Regardless of your views on feminism, heck, regardless of your views on physically defending yourself from a female assault… Can’t we all agree that you’re a horrible person if you kick a woman on the ground while she’s defenseless and not even attacking you?

Oh wait, we’re dealing with a religion that requires four male witnesses to convict a man of rape and treats a woman’s word as only half a testimony?


This is COMPLETE insanity. Will it finally register with feminists that Islam should be their biggest enemy? Probably not.

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