When Tim Allen returns with "Last Man Standing" to network TV, he's bringing the Second Amendment with him. Libs are going to be up in arms, there's no doubt about that.

During an interview on Closer Weekly, Allen says the series is going to take an aggressive approach to tackling gun rights. The show was cancelled by ABC, but is coming back this fall on Fox.

It's not a reach to put guns in the show. Allen's character in the show, Mike Baxter, owns a chain of sporting good stores known as Outdoor Man. On top of that, his character he plays is a conservative.

Then again, Dick's Sporting Goods is a similar store and look what they have been doing with the selling of guns.

During the interview, Allen mentions his character “owns a sporting-goods store that has firearms, so we’re going to have to deal with that somehow.”

Tim Allen Warns Libs, gun control, last man standing

The artist formerly known as "The Tool Man" is excited to get back and push some hot-button issues.

“I’m excited because we have so much left in our tank,” Allen said. “There were a lot of stories we hadn’t gotten to.”

Allen isn't the first Hollywood Trump supporter who is seeking a resurrection. Roseanne Barr has made a comeback with her show and has pushed many conservative views in her show. Additionally, her show is having a great deal of success.

Per Western Journal:

The show revolved around Baxter and his interactions with his three adult daughters and family, all of whom were considerably more liberal than he was.

While the series had performed well on ABC during its run, the show was canceled in spite of good ratings — leading many fans to believe that a sympathetic conservative character in the era of Trump simply wasn’t something that a network was willing to risk.

The success of “Roseanne” changed that matrix — and Gary Newman and Dana Walden, the chairmen and CEOs of Fox Television Group, said they decided it a risk worth taking, particularly giving the outpouring of fan support.

“‘Last Man Standing’ ended too soon and the outcry from the fans has been deafening,” they said, according to Fox News.

“We’ve wanted to put the show back together since its final taping a year ago, and Tim never gave up hope either. Thanks to its millions of devoted viewers and the irrepressible Tim Allen, we haven’t seen the last of ‘Last Man Standing.'”

Another sitcom shows that there is plenty of room in Hollywood for shows featuring views from the right. This show will almost undoubtedly be a massive success when it comes to ratings. In the fall we will find out for sure.

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