On Memorial Day, Hillary Clinton attended a parade in her hometown of Chappaqua, New York. She was wearing a very heavy coat and scarf around her neck. This begs the question. What is Hillary Clinton hiding under her coat?

While wearing her coat, she took many photos with Girl Scouts. These Girl Scouts were wearing short sleeves.

Before this she took a trip to Boston. During this trip she was also wearing a large, heavy cote and a scarf during severe heat.

It seems she is hiding something that is poking from the back of her coat. Many on social media have speculated that she is wearing a brace on her back.

During the trip to Chappaqua, Hillary was wearing a baby blue trench coat to go along with a red, white and blue scarf. She went through the parade route, strolling along with her husband Bill Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo. According to local weather reports it was 71 degrees.

Here is a photo she posted on Twitter:

Twitter fired up with speculation.

Hillary has had many health issues in the past year. She was forced to wear a large medical boot for months afters he fell and broke her toe. A sprained wrist forced her into a brace for weeks.

These were all after the September 11 ceremony where she was so wobbly her aides were forced to shove her into a van.

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