A Lubbock, Texas pizza joint has many people screaming thanks to their Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween special. But not for the reasons they hoped for.

Capital Pizza created a display featuring the "Jeffrey Dahmer Special." A spooky-looking pizza pie with toppings resembling eyeballs, fingers, intestines, and blood.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a notorious serial killer who dismembered and sometimes consumed bodies between 1978 and 1991. He's risen to fame recently thanks to the popularity of a recent Netflix documentary about him.

Many potential customers are excited about the display. Some have traveled to the area just to take a look at it. Many have gathered around to take their picture in front of it.

Despite enthusiasm being shown by some, there were also people livid with the Halloween special.

"This is horrible! I am so tired of all of the 'celebration' over Dahmer," wrote one angry Facebook user. "I remember when all of that went down. I didn’t like it then and I am definitely not going to watch the Netflix series about him. Why would anyone want to put that in their minds? It is horrible that the families of Dahmer’s victims, have to have their bandages ripped off just so they can be reminded of what happened to their loved ones."

"Disgusting! People's minds are warped and twisted. Pray for them," another commented on TMZ's Facebook page.

Despite the outrage, the restaurant owner says the special will run through Halloween and will be pulled at that point.

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