Well this terrorist thought that switching to a bigger gun would help. WRONG! The good guys took care of business in this one. This terrorist fires at U.S. troops and instantly pays the price.

Well there is one less member of ISIS to worry about. And the only person he has to blame for this is himself. Even had a friend that filmed it for him.

This is a very graphic video, if you haven't figured this out by now.

Terrorist Fires at U.S. Troops, Gets Destroyed!

So this guy stands up and fires, giving his position away.

The bigger gun didn't make up for the fact that he made a terrible tactical error. In fact, he didn't even get a shot off with his new gun. He got immediately put int he dirt by one of the good guys. All it took was one clean shot to send this terrorist to Allah.

Do these wackos from ISIS seriously think they have a chance? Ever since President Trump took office and their cousin Obama was removed, it has been a very different story for ISIS. Their days are numbered, to say the least.

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