In February immigrants skipped work to protest President Trump during 'Day Without Immigrants. This caused many of the immigrants to be fired. Now the immigrants who were fired for skipping work for 'Day Without Immigrants' are now suing their employees.

The funny thing about this is some of them didn't even let their bosses know they weren't showing up for work. So yeah, they didn't show up for work, didn't let their bosses know about it and now they are suing for damages. On top of that, these employees were warned they would be punished if they missed work on this day.

One of the companies who let employees go as a result of the protest was EZ Industrial Solutions LLC. This is an auto parks marker in the Detroit area. They fired more than 20 immigrants as a result of missing work on 'Day Without Immigrants.'

Per the Washington Examiner:

In the complaint, the immigrant workers allege that, "The employer coercively questioned employees" twice regarding their plans to attend the rallies. The company has defended its actions by stating that employees are aware of rules against participating in political protests that aren't work related during their work day.

Most of these immigrants came to the United States, in large part, to gain employment. For many of them employment is the #1 priority in their lives. They were hired to do a job and failed to do so. They violated company policy, so naturally there will be repercussions. In almost any company if 20+ employees are missing on a day this will cause a very negative impact on the company. And obviously that was the goal set forth by the protest, but when they are held accountable for their actions they act surprised.

These rallies didn't just pop up one day, they were planned very far in advance. This gave the protesters plenty of time to plan ahead and request the days off. That said, there is no guarantee the time off would have been granted. Several employees taking the same day off is a tough thing to overcome so there is a good chance the requests to be off work would have been denied. As an employee, you have a responsbility to show up. These immigrants did not and are now being held accountable.

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