I could not help but actually laugh out loud as I read about Democratic New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, vowing to bring a fight to the National Rifle Association.

He knows that would be an uphill battle, barefoot, mid-winter, on Legos....right?

Booker, who has referred to himself as "Spartacus" in the past (here's where the audience laughs...again) claims that if he becomes president, then he will ensure the safety of Americans who “have to live each day in fear of gun violence in schools, places of worship, concerts, and even from law enforcement.”

Oh, so he is going to finally take care of the war zone we call Chicago? Or should I say, Chiraq...

“I am tired of going to funerals where parents are burying their children and so I am gonna bring a fight – we are gonna bring a fight like the NRA has never seen if they’re going to defend corporate gun manufacturers more than represent us people,” Booker continued.

He added, “We are going to bring that fight on every level necessary. I’m a guy that has taken on tough fights before and won them, and this is one that we are gonna win, together.”

Bold of him to assume he could ever become president. Perhaps he will run as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as his vice president. One can only hope. Imagine the memes we would get out of that horrendously stupid duo! It would be like Dumb and Dumber on steroids!

Booker continued on to say that he believes he is actually the “only person in this race that has had shootings on their block.”

“This is very personal to so many of us,” the Democrat droned on, “Me, because I’m a black man, and black males are six percent of the nation’s population. But they make up the majority of homicide victims in this country.”

“I’m telling you right now, we and Americans on most of the core issues, on so many of them, we actually agree. Gun owners and non-gun owners agree that we need to have universal background checks and close so many of these loopholes,” Booker added, “And the NRA does not represent their membership. Because their membership actually agrees with closing those loopholes.”

These idiots just keep coming out of the woodworks. I wonder what's next.

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