This battle comes to a conclusion much quicker than your favorite war films. Also, the result is much better. These Somali Pirates attack the wrong ship and instantly regret it!

The Somali Pirates encounter a group who takes their 2nd Amendment rights and applies them to the seas. What do you get when that happens? You get some total badasses who refuse to be victims of the Somali Pirates.

If the pirates were handled like this every time, there would be no pirates left. It would cease to be a problem.

Since they would run out of volunteers, they would cease to exist.

Somali Pirates Attack the Wrong Ship

Now that is exactly how you take care of business.

According to experts, the Somali Pirates will be an issue until government is established on the lawless shore of Somalia. There has not been a functioning government in the country for 19 years.  This group of total badasses is able to handle themselves with ease, but unfortunately there will be many other ships that are not able to. There needs to be some order stored off the coast of Somali as it is a very dangerous area where disaster strikes often. Luckily in this case they were dealt with and disposed of.

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