On Thursday Venezuelans attempted to loot stores for food in order to avoid starving to death. As a result there were deaths and injuries in the Socialist nightmare.

Per AFP News:

Four people were killed and 15 injured on Thursday in violence linked to food looting in Venezuela, according to members of the opposition and the local press.

It brought to six the number of deaths tied to desperate food shortages in the oil-rich but crisis-riven country since December.

In the town of Arapuey in the west of Venezuela, for several days now looters have targeted shops and stores and clashed with soldiers, said Carlos Paparoni, an opposition lawmaker. He said around 100 people have been arrested.

Gaby Arellano, another opposition lawmaker, said the area has been "overtaken" by soldiers and police, with shop owners doing what they can to defend their property.

Venezuela is in the throes of a deepening crisis caused by falling oil prices, spiraling inflation, and corruption that has decimated the economy.

In the past several days looting and attempted looting has broken out in a number of towns and cities.

A 19-year-old Venezuelan was shot dead Wednesday when hundreds of people looted trucks carrying flour and chicken in the western city of Guanare.

On December 31, a young woman, also aged 19, died after being shot in the head, allegedly by a soldier, while waiting in Caracas to buy pork distributed by the government.

Per Daily Wire:

Key takeaways from AFP's report include:

  • Hyperinflation is expected to top 2,300% in 2018.
  • Universities in Venezuela say that 30.2% of Venezuelans face poverty, 51.5% face extreme poverty.
  • The Venezuelan government says that 18.3% of Venezuelans face poverty, 4.4% face extreme poverty.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is now supposedly considering allowing food donations from around the world to enter the country, but only if his opposition recognizes the legitimacy of the highly controversial National Constituent Assembly (NCA), the Miami Herald reported on Thursday. If he allows food donations to enter the country, which he has so far denied, Maduro reportedly will want full control of where the food is distributed.

"Accepting the Constituent Assembly means surrendering the country. It is legitimizing the regime’s staying in power and driving the final nail into the casket of freedom in Venezuela," said former Venezuelan ambassador Diego Arias.

"Right now, Maduro is desperate because of the food situation. The country is burning up with looting, and he understands that the situation could spin out of control," political consultant Esteban Gerbasi said. "If they get control of the food and recognition of the NCA, they would go on to control everything. That would be very grave. With those two things, Maduro will be in a position to control the Venezuelan people."

Venezuela is a mess. The left likes to push socialist countries as this great thing where everyone shares their belongings in perfect harmony. Stories like this prove that is absolutely not the case.

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