Some kids at the University of New Hampshire were out having fun for Cinco de Mayo. Until social justice warriors harass these kids who were doing nothing wrong.

The social justice warriors from the far left took their usual stance. That usual stance is being offended by everything. They yelled at the students:

“If you’re not Mexican, how is it your holiday? It’s not your holiday!… That’s for white people to figure out, or f**king know! Cinco de Mayo is NOT YOUR HOLIDAY!”

During their outbursts they blamed Trump. When they finished up with their harassments, they posted their video online. They are so proud of their work!

At this day and age this type of behavior is accepted on college campuses around the United States.

In case you were wondering, Cinco de Mayo is actually a United States holiday. In Mexico it is ignored for the most part. The celebrations of this holiday in Mexico are mostly ceremonial.

How do social justice warriors celebrate the holiday? By going after white people or anyone else having a good time on this holiday in America. Watch the video.

Social Justice Warriors Harass Cinco de Mayo Festivities

How ridiculous was that? These women come in and go after these people for simply having a good time on Cinco de Mayo. Much like everyone else does all across the country. The man in the video does a great job of keeping his composure. This woman is so dumb it makes my head hurt. She says he is portraying that Mexicans only drink and wear ponchos.

It's time for these social justice warriors to find a new hobby besides driving people crazy. This is a college kid out to enjoy the festivities of a holiday that is based largely around drinking. Like and share this video on Facebook to expose the stupidity of the left.

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