Joe "Rambo" Biggs is a freelance reporter with Borderline Alternative Media. HIm and David Rodriguez show how easy it is to cross the border. Proof that we definitely need to build the wall.

Biggs and Rodriguez start out in Anapara, Mexico and end up in Suland Park, New Mexico. They cross the border several times in under a minute just to show how easy it is.

President Trump, please build the wall!

Here is Rodriguez walking back into the U.S.A. side accompanied with a Mexican national.

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Here's Rodriguez after he jumped over to the Mexican side.

Build the wall

You can see Mexico from the U.S. here. There is no wall and no one stopping anyone from walking directly across the border.

Build the wall

Biggs and Rodriguez did a great job of illustrating how easy it is to cross the border. They simply walked right up to the border. They even made sure to point out that there is no border patrol in sight.

Biggs goes a little further in depth. He points out that it is not like this at all areas. At some points there is a wall and fencing, but there are large gaps that have no physical border at all. At one point in the video, some Mexican nationals jump over a line on the ground to show how easy it is. They even say 'muy facil' which when translated to English means "very easy."

This is not the only area on the southern United States border where this is the case. There are many spots where there is absolutely no border. The leaders of the United States have failed miserably at the basic task of securing our borders. In order to protect the American citizens this needs to be secured.

Watch the video.

Proof We Need to Build the Wall

It is no wonder heroine is getting pushed through the Mexico-United States border at an alarming rate. This must be stopped! Like and share this video on Facebook so people know how badly we need to build the wall.

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