During a Fox interview on Wednesday, White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka issued a stern warning to North Korea: "Don't test this White House."

Per Daily Caller:

“The message is very clear: don’t test this White House, Pyongyang,” Gorka said. “Don’t test America and don’t test Donald J. Trump.” These comments come on the heels of North Korea threatening to attack Andersen Air Force Base in Guam with a nuclear strike.

Gorka said that, despite posing a “grave threat,” North Korea is nowhere near matching the power of the U.S. “We were a superpower, we are now a hyper power. Nobody in the world, especially North Korea does not come close,” the White House official said.

“North Korea is a very insignificant threat in terms of scale,” he added. “You never give in to dictators and you never give into blackmail and that is why North Korea has to deescalate, right now.”

Gorka claimed the threats coming out of Pyongyang are meant to obtain money from Western powers.

“This is a regime because it is so Stalinist and because it cannot provide for its own people, it has to extort concessions from the West. Their people are starving,” Gorka said. “It has to end now.”

Watch the video.

Sebastian Gorka to North Korea: 'Don't Test This White House'


North Korea may have to learn a very tough, historical lesson that this administration should not be tested.

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