Liberals are protesting for May Day across the country. This group wants to kill Trump and Pence. The Philadelphia May Day protesters chant 'kill Trump, kill Pence,' along with 'f*ck Trump, f*ck Pence.' As you would expect, the mainstream media totally ignored it.

Watch the video.

Philadelphia May Day Protesters

Per NTK:

It’s not clear if the protesters were suggesting others attempt to assassinate the president or was making his intentions known. In January, music star Madonna was investigated by Secret Service for saying she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” during a protest in Washington, D.C.

At the same Philadelphia protest, a group called was handing out flyers that said that President Trump was “more dangerous to the world than even Hitler.”

Kristinn Taylor of the Gateway Pundit had more to add:

A bearded white man wearing an olive shirt, blue jeans and a green backpack is heard loudly screaming, “Kill Trump! Kill Pence!” over and over again as he marches near the head of the protest. None of the protesters marching close to him try to muzzle the man or force him out as a suspected plant. The man keeps chanting, but as he notices he is being filmed from the sidewalk he pulls out and lights a cigarette and ceases chanting as he gets closer to the camera.

The news media was quick to jump on any behavior by Tea Party protesters, even made up behavior, in efforts to discredit the grassroots anti-Obama movement. But when it comes to anti-Trump protesters, the media protects the ‘resistance’ by not reporting on “Kill Trump! Kill Pence!” protest chants or outright violence against Trump supporters.

If a Conservative says anything the entire left is up in arms. Meanwhile they are killing for the death of Trump and Pence and also shouting 'f*ck Trump, f*ck Pence.' In other words, is business as usual on the left. It's coming off as if the liberals want a second civil war over the election of Donald Trump.


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