Tensions are rising when it comes to the NFL anthem protests. NFL star Michael Bennett has dropped from the protest and now stands to honor troops.

After Colin Kaepernick, Bennett has been one of the most prominent figures of social justice in the NFL.

On Thursday night the Seattle Seahawks took on the Arizona Cardinals in the Salute Your Service game. Before the game Michael Bennett stood for the Star Spangled Banner. It was definitely noticed by viewers when Bennett stood while joining arms with his teammates instead of the usual kneeling.

NFL Star Michael Bennett

The day before the Seahawks game, Bennett hinted that he just might stand for the anthem. His father, Michael Bennett Sr., is a Navy veteran and Veterans Day was on the horizon.

“I joined the military so people like Michael and Martellus and whoever else out there can take a knee or make a stand, peacefully, and get their point across and not be ridiculed. I lose all respect for people if you really can’t see what’s going on in your own country that you live in everyday.  People don’t care about people. They care about animals and they care about people that look like they look,” Bennett Sr. told Sports Illustrated in September.

Some thought this proved that the protests are not disrespectful.

Don't look for this to be a permanent move from Bennett. It has been widely speculated that he will go right by to kneeling in the coming games. But at this point we must acknowledge that he did show some respect for the troops.

This coming Sunday the NFL will pay respect to the military with a two minute moment of silence that will honor all of those who have died fighting for our freedom. Surely this is a moment that gets everyone involved with the NFL on board.

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