NFL Wife Claims Raiders OL Purposefully Didn’t Block for QB Derek Carr To Get Him Hurt Because He Rejected Anthem Protest – VIDEO

NFL wife Miko Grimes, wife of Bucs cornerback Brent Grimes, told “The Breakfast Club” that the Raiders offensive line didn’t block for QB Derek Carr on purpose. The reason? They wanted him to get hurt since he did not take part in the national anthem protest. This was for a prime time game against the Washington Redskins in the suburbs of the nation’s capital.

NFL Wife Claims Raiders OL Purposefully Didn't Block

Grimes took this to another level and claimed there was racial motivation behind this. She pointed out that the Raiders offensive line is “the only all-black offensive line in the NFL.”

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“The reason Derek Carr got injured is because the Raiders offensive line allowed him to get injured,” said Grimes.

“Because he was against them protesting,” Grimes continued. “And they had a fight in that Monday night game [in Washington]. They were fighting in the locker room and that’s the only all-black offensive line in the NFL is the Raiders.”

Watch the video.

Grimes called Carr a “Bible-thumper to the fullest.” She also said that he told other players not to kneel during the anthem.

“He was basically trying to force the players to read the Bible before the game and do all this stuff,” she said. “And they were like ‘No, no, no, that’s you.’ And so he was so upset about when the whole offensive line said they were going to kneel, he was like ‘No, no, no. You’re not kneeling. This is America. You’re going to stand for the flag.’ And they got in a fight in the locker room. So when they came out to play, they basically had a plan.”

Many people have declared this story nonsense, including Derek Carr himself.

“I don’t pay any mind to that kind of stuff, because making false claims about somebody before you know them and about a group of guys, that has no business in our world if we’re trying to promote peace and love. I don’t think that has any place,” Carr told reporters on Wednesday.

Additionally, Carr issued this tweet the day before he spoke with reporters.

Raiders offensive tackle Donald Penn also took to Twitter to call BS on the Grimes story.

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