We've all had enough of sports getting political. It's so ridiculous that they think we really care about how they feel about any particular issues or candidates. We don't care!

Two NFL announcers, one of which is former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman were caught on a hot mic talking trash about a military flyover prior to the start of a game.

Joe Buck and Aikman criticized the flyover for what they see as a waste of fuel. I'm sure his private flight out to the game wasn't a waste of fuel though, right?

Aikman started the exchange, commenting, “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”

Buck chimed in, “That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work.”

Aikman then offered a form of political endorsement: “That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now, partner.”


But here's what they don't understand about the flyover and why they need to just keep their idiot mouths shut.

Stars and Stripes noted in March 2018 that according to Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Bentley, military flyovers don’t cost taxpayers since the flyovers are part of training missions. A flyover can be 10 minutes of a 12-hour mission.

The Air Force’s “2018 Aerial Events Policy” removed limits on flyovers at NFL games which had been shelved due to a Defense Department spending cap; that cap was taken off in February 2018. The flyovers have been used for recruiting as Bentley noted, asserting, “Flyovers are a way for the U.S. Air Force to showcase the capabilities of our aircraft while at the same time inspire a future generation. We are increasing the number of events eligible for support to assist with recruiting efforts and in telling the Air Force story.”

“Up to four aircraft at a time will be allowed to participate in each flyover, and the Air Force has abolished limits on the number of aircraft and equipment displays that it can set up on the ground, according to the new rules,” Stars and Stripes reported. Bentley stated that the Air Force approves roughly one-third of the flyover requests it gets, conducting roughly 1,000 each year. She added, “Just because we increase the eligible number of events doesn’t mean that units will be able to support. All flyovers are done on a volunteer basis.”

They're fooling themselves if they think that this is just going to magically stop if there were elected because this is just passing through for them during normal exercises.

Daily Wire

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