PART 2: Google Employees Tell How Google Censors Conservatives

At the beginning of this week, the Department of Justice made the announcement that they are going after Google.

After years of suspecting and then knowing that they have been violating federal law, they have filed an antitrust case against the tech giant.

I think they're lucky that the DOJ didn't do this years ago, because they're had it coming for a long time.

We have plenty of evidence of this, especially in like of recent undercover video from Project Veritas.

Project Veritas dropped two more bombshell videos showing multiple managers at Google discussing way more than they should be talking about and revealing and in doing so, exposing the corruption that lies inside of Google.

In the second video, you can see a Google Ads manager describe the different ways that they can and do

Adriano Amaduzzi, a technical account manager at Google Marketing, was recorded saying that Google can “offer free credits, free advertising credits to Democratic parties to advertise” and “can censor out news” from its search engine to suppress views it doesn’t want. “I don’t know how much you do that,” he added, presumably referring to Google.

Responding to a follow-up question, Amaduzzi acknowledged that Google’s Trust and Safety team can make decisions surrounding the matter.

He did not know that he was speaking to Project Veritas, which released hidden camera recordings of his comments late Tuesday.

In another segment, Amaduzzi can be heard saying that nearly “80 percent of videos uploaded have been blocked in total that contain hate speech.”

He later said that hate speech gets reviewed by people working in Google’s Trust and Safety team, and that it has the potential to get involved in the 2020 election by “stopping right-wing parties from advertising” and “reducing the exposure of their ads.” He did not dispute an off-camera comment that “the majority of Trust and Safety is extremely left.”

I'm against big government, but the way that Google is running things really does make me think that the government does need to intervene in some fashion to put an end to this biased censorship and election interference.

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