TV show Mike Rowe did a great job of providing some words of comfort to the survivors of the Las Vegas massacre in a Tuesday Facebook post.

Mike Rowe was asked by a fan in Vegas, Molly Car, to provide some comfort for those suffering. Molly said, “I live in Las Vegas, and I’ve seen you here often. Once, in the lobby at Mandalay Bay. We’re all shattered here, obviously. A comforting word from you would go a long way.”

When Rowe started off, he was unsure if his words could actually comfort her.

Per Daily Caller:

“There are no words, Molly, at least in my vocabulary, to bring you the comfort you seek,” the Dirty Jobs host wrote. “But there are people among us who restore my faith in the species, even as others seek to rob me of it.”

“I’m not surprised you saw me at the Mandalay,” he continued. “I cleaned their shark tank back in 2006, and I’ve stayed there at least thirty times since.”

“Maybe that’s why my initial thoughts about this latest tragedy were so random and strange. Even before I imagined myself in the thick of the chaos, (as I always do,) and even before I thanked God that I wasn’t, (as I don’t do enough,) I found myself wondering if I had used the same elevator as the killer. Isn’t that odd?”

You can read the rest of the message here.

What an incredible job. In a very tough situation Rowe did all he could to try to provide some comfort to his fans when they needed it. Additional to that he provided some great perspective on the heroes of this terrible situation.

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