As expected Mark Zuckerberg came out strongly against the Net Neutrality ruling. Kind of ironic, since he controls most of what people see online. The Zuck referred to the rollback of these regulations as an "injustice."

The Babylon Bee did a hysterical article exposing just how much of a hypocrite Zuck is:

“Internet Service Providers should not be able to decide what people can see online,” the man who decides what two billion people can see online every day said in a Facebook video that was placed in front of the precise amount of people he wished. “It’s a violation of a free and open internet.”

“Furthermore, ISPs should not be able to charge more for certain content,” Zuckerberg intoned, though part of his $523 billion company’s revenue comes from throttling the reach of publishers’ content unless the publisher pays Facebook to show their content to people who signed up to see it anyway.

The boss of the largest social network in the world, which is widely known to smother or close down conservative pages for violating what it calls its community guidelines, stressed that the fight for net neutrality is not over. “We’re ready to work with members of Congress and others to help make the internet free and open for everyone.”

“All content should be treated equally,” he added, the slightest hint of a grin curling up the side of his mouth as the video ended.

Mark Zuckerberg With The Ultimate Display Of Hypocrisy

At this point all you can do is laugh. Like everyone else on the left, he has to qualify his own beliefs. He believes in free speech, as long as it's speech that he believes in, delivered by a method he believes in.

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