On Thanksgiving April Ryan questioned the validity of a pie, starting #PieGate. Wednesday Sarah Huckabee Sanders embarrasses April Ryan. And even gave her a pie.

On Thursday Sarah Sanders got her back. She called her out in front of everyone and, for all intents and purposes, ended #PieGate.

It all started when Sanders tweeted a photo of a pecan pie she baked on Thanksgiving.

April Ryan's response was, “Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it.”

So Sanders did just that on Wednesday evening.

Sanders tweeted a photo of all of the ingredients. She even provided a caption for April Ryan.

“It’s pie time! With or without bourbon April Ryan?” then Sanders used the hashtag #piegate"

It got even better. Sanders posted a photo of the finished product with a caption.

On Thursday at a press briefing Sanders spoke directly to April Ryan and said, “I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily.”

Here is video evidence of the exchange of the two. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and April Ryan holding the chocolate pecan pies.

That did not end how April Ryan hoping it would.

I could go for some pie.

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