By now most people have seen the interview of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with "Late Late Show" host James Corden.

During the interview, Pelosi showed off her massively expensive refrigerators and her $12 per pint ice cream stash. She easily had at least $100-$200 dollars worth of ice cream depending on what was in the other freezer...likely more ice cream.

While she's busy eating ice cream, small businesses are waiting for the Paycheck Protection Program to help them in this time of need. Senator Marco Rubio decided to call her out on her delay.

In a tongue-in-cheek effort to get Pelosi to stop stonewalling, Sen. Rubio made a video of his own and posted it to Twitter with the message, "So I hear Speaker Pelosi really likes ice cream? Here is what I am willing to do if she will stop holding aid for #SmallBusiness hostage."

The Florida Republican is shown reaching into his freezer and revealing a bag of M&M treats, saying, "I will give you all the ice cream I have in here, Madam Speaker, if you will fund small business and stop holding it hostage."

He added, "All of this right here. These M&M's. Make it happen."


Watch The Clip Below.

Rubio is trying to get Pelosi to sign off on a bill that would help small businesses keep their heads above water while they wait for this flood to die down.

The Paycheck Protection Program which was part of the CARES Act was finally passed after the government shut down many businesses that they decided were nonessential businesses.

These small businesses that employ most of the workforce, were depending upon the PPP for funding so that they could retain workers and keep their businesses going as the government continues with shutting down the economy and requiring Americans to stay home.

Every day the PPP goes without funding, small businesses lay off workers and close up shop for good."

By the way, that M&M ice cream is too cheap for Pelosi.

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