Lindsay Graham: 'Clinton Walked Because Investigators Wanted Her to Win'

Millions of Americans have been asking why Hillary Clinton is not rotting behind bars. Not only is she not in prison, but she is gearing up for another run at presidency. Yet liberals want to impeach Trump? Clinton is the one who actually committed crimes...their logic is skewed.

Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox New's "Hannity" and explained exactly how Clinton committed obstruction of justice and walked away scot-free.

The reason that Hillary was not cuffed, and an investigation was launched on President Trump and his associates is because the investigators wanted Hillary to win the election. The plan all along was for Hillary to succeed Obama and continue on in his shady dealings. It was supposed to be smooth sailing, but they greatly underestimated Trump and the American people.

“I think the decision not to prosecute her was probably most likely politically motivated, because obstruction of justice, taking a hammer to two phones being asked for as evidence, cleaning a server, bleaching it out so you can’t get the emails is classic obstruction of justice,” Graham said. “Compromising classified information and she clearly did that, the decision not to prosecute her was pretty simple, in my view. If you want her to win, you can’t prosecute her.”

If nothing else, she was sending emails from a private server with information sensitive to our country. Then, she deleted 33,000 emails and destroyed her electronics with a hammer to prevent the Department of Justice from being able to investigate.

If the roles had been reversed and Trump was the one to hide things and lie about it, then he would have been thrown into jail immediately.

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