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hillary clinton email scandal

Millions of Americans have been asking why Hillary Clinton is not rotting behind bars. Not only is she not in prison, but she is gearing up for another run at presidency. Yet liberals want to impeach Trump? Clinton is the one who actually committed crimes…their logic is skewed. Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox New’s …

bryan pagliano pleads the fifth

As you know, Hillary has been dealing with an email scandal for quite a while, related to her private email servers she maintained. Well, the heat is turning up. The conservative group, Judicial Watch, is pursuing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which is related to her private email servers. Former Clinton aide, Bryan Pagliano, …

hillary smoking gun

Hillary has been pleading ignorance for months when it comes to the email scandal with the mishandling of emails as the Secretary of State. There was a non-disclosure agreement signed by her that ackonwledged her responsibility to ascertain whether information shared by her was classified. Per the Washington Free Beacon: “As the nation’s chief diplomat, …