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Millions of Americans have been asking why Hillary Clinton is not rotting behind bars. Not only is she not in prison, but she is gearing up for another run at presidency. Yet liberals want to impeach Trump? Clinton is the one who actually committed crimes…their logic is skewed. Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox New’s …


Sean Hannity had an exclusive interview with Julian Assange. In the interview you can see Julian Assange exposing Hillary Clinton. Must see interview. As usual, Assange dishes some serious dirt on Hillary Clinton. One thing to look at is how weathered Julian Assange appears. It is very worrisome. Like and share this video on …


This video goes through all of the different types of people that should not vote for people. Warning, she does not leave many people left that should vote for her. Check it out. Like and share on Facebook if you are in one of these groups.