Almost all of Hollywood is very liberal. Well, there's at least one famous actor who isn't and he spends his spare time destroying the left. James Woods is a patriot and takes great pride in eviscerating the left on Twitter.

Woods isn't the least bit sympathetic toward the worldwide crying tour Hillary is on. In a Fox News article Hillary claimed, "They were never going to let me be president. Luckily Woods was there to offer some insight as to why she really lost the election. Spoiler alert: It wasn't because the system was rigged.

Woods tweeted:

Your corruption was not a flesh wound, but a systemic rot of your entire being. YOU were never going to let you be president, because you are a greedy, lying grifter. You weren’t born a Clinton, but you took to being one like a duck to swamp water.”

Another Twitter user came back with the perfect response. After all, the Democratic primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary.

Keep up the great work, James Woods. You are amazing.

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