WATCH: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces He’s Actually a Muslim Woman

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to learn what it means when you are “taking things too far.” He blows past the stop sign and announces that he is actually a Muslim woman.

Back in 2017, Cuomo announced he is a Muslim/Jewish/Black woman who also has a disability. Why? Because he’s New York, of course.

Obviously none of these things are true. So why was Cuomo saying it? He was at a news conference to rip bigotry. So I guess pretending to be several things he is not is how he takes on bigotry.

Per Western Journal:

Finally. It’s high time someone had the courage to stand up to discriminating against people for absolutely no reason. I mean, Richard Spencer’s acolytes are growing so fast they collectively could fit in one of the decrepit trailer homes they no doubt live in.

“As New Yorkers, we are especially aware of issues of diversity,” Cuomo said at the Jan., 2017 news conference. “We are aware of issues of intolerance because we are 18 million people from countries across the globe.”

“We are probably the most diverse state on the globe,” he continued, apparently forgetting that most other countries aren’t considered states in the same way that New York is considered a state.

“It is the essence of who we are,” he continued. “And we have no tolerance for intolerance.”

While that perhaps raises issues of what “intolerance” consists of in the mind of one Andrew Cuomo, nothing he’s said thus far is terribly controversial or outré. Then things took a turn.

More delusion from the left. Isn’t this an insult to people who really stand for the values that these people hold? Of course it is, but he is too out of touch to realize it.

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