lies by hillary clinton

Have a hard time keeping track of Hillary's lies? That's very understandable.

Honesty is key to achieving any degree of popular support, yet why is it that Hillary Clinton has such a repuatation of not being truthful towards her potential electorate? As she tries for a second run at the White House, it is not hard to forget the rather bizarre comments and statements that have historically come from the Clinton camp. Through elaborate exaggerations to the downright deceitful, we shall now explore five of the more dishonest aspects of Hillarys colorful political career.

1. Her finances: Back in June 2014, Hillary Clinton claimed that she struggled to ‘make ends meet’ after her husband Bill had left the White House in 2001, in a vain attempt to come across of a regular person. “We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea’s education, you know, it was not easy,” said Hillary, despite the fact she had a child that attended private schools and flew in a private jet. How unrelatable can you get?

2. Sniper fire in Bosnia: Referring to an infamous from the 2008 Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton claimed to be under ‘sniper-fire on the tarmac’ whilst disembarking from a plane during the Yugoslav Wars in 1996. After video footage appeared of Clinton walking gracefully off the plane and into the airport, she was later forced to recant her statement, leading to a great deal of embarrassment for her campaign.

3. She was named after Sir Edmund Hillary: For over ten years, Clinton's informal biography had quite clearly stated that she was named after Mount Everest pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary, despite the fact that she was only six years ago when he achieved this feat. After this fault was rediscovered, her biographical history quickly changed in 2006 and all references were removed.

4. Claiming to have a role in the Northern Ireland peace process. Back in 2008 during the Democratic primaries, she had claimed to have an ‘instrumental role’ in solving the Northern Ireland peace process, before being accused of severely exaggerating her influence as it was discovered that she just accompanied her husband on the trip. The story was quietly dropped from the electoral agenda as her campaign went on, as Hillary Clinton tried to explore other avenues of political experience.

4. Her daughter, Chelsea Clinton was going for a jog around the World Trade Center just as the planes hit the twin towers. In a rather bizarre allegation in March 2008, Hillary tried to take her piece of patriotic fame by claiming that her daughter had to duck inside a New York coffee shop to escape from the falling debris, yet in reality she was a whopping four miles away from the epicentre when the event happened. Through this lie, it was downright obvious that she wanted to capitalise on the ‘role she played’ on that fateful day in order to score political brownie points against her much more charismatic rival, Barack Obama. Like most of her dubious allegations, the story was quickly dropped into oblivion.





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