Politicians have to make a lot of key decisions. They have to change with the time and adapt. Changing a stance on something happens. That said, Hillary has made it into a weekly thing it seems. At some point we have to wonder what she really stands for. Here are 5 of her biggest flip flops in her policies.

Hillary flip flops

  1. Trans-Pacific Partnership: From the outset of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, her position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTIP) has been rather garbled, initially having sung the praises of the proposed deal before campaign, yet as the negotiations finally came to an end in June 2014, she ended up opposing the deal, despite the fact that she has “been very clear on trade.” In a classic flip-flop moment, she has tried to capitalize on the discontent of the TTIP deal when it suited her; during a presidential campaign.


  1. Same Sex Marriage: Hillary Clinton has always been a person that only says what people want to hear, as long as she knows the people will agree with her. A classic example of this would be her ever-changing positions on same-sex marriage, and this back and forth ping-pong of morals can be seen in Clinton over the past fifteen years. Back in December 1999, she show spoke out against the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy in the military to a gay audience, only to then to state that “marriage has always been between a man and a woman” at a news conference a month later. If we fast forward to October 2006, Clinton told a group of gay elected officials that she would “support same sex marriage,” only to shy away from the issue during 2008 Presidential campaign, before endorsing it after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015. It appears that Clinton changes her views in order to appease her audience at the time, only adding to her erratic flip-flopping in recent years.


  1. Immigration: Clinton’s view on immigration has essentially two very different positions that couldn’t be any more opposite from each other. Looking back to 2003, she said on a radio talk show that she was “adamantly against illegal immigration,” adding that “more should be done to secure our borders,” in order to create a tough persona on a rather emotive issue for Americans. Fast forward to 2015, and now we see Clinton actively denouncing the entire GOP field for their stance no “not allowing a path towards citizenship,” softening her once iron-like position in immigration.


  1. Education: Higher Education is an expensive business, and Hillary Clinton’s recent flip-flop is rather embarrassing to say the least. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton made quite a bit of money by advising for-profit colleges through the Clinton Foundation, receiving sponsorship from Laureate Education, a company running around eighty private education institutions around the world. Having profited over $16 million through this venture, she has now spoken out against for-profit colleges in America, essentially contradicting her own actions.


  1. Arctic Drilling: Following the Obama administration's proposal to start drilling for resources in the Arctic, Hillary Clinton has expressed her doubt in going ahead with such a project, citing that is it “not worth the risk” environmentally to do so, perhaps to appease those protesting her inaction in opposing the Keystone pipeline earlier this year. This contradicts her position rather hawkishly as she said that “the United States will claim what is ours in the Arctic,” promoting a distinct change of tune over the matter.
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