Michael Banerian of Michigan will meet with his electors to vote for Donald Trump, But the GOP elector received death threats if he votes for Trump.

Michigan Elector Michael Banerian

GOP Elector Received Death Threats Michael Banerian

“Somebody threatened to put a bullet in the back of my mouth,” Banerian told The New York Post in a Wednesday report. He said he’s received threats via email, Twitter, Facebook, and even regular mail.

Despite these threats, the 22 year-old says he is not worried and will vote Trump regardless.

Another politician, Sharon Geise, has confirmed that she has also received threats.

“They just keep coming and coming,” Geise said the estimated 50,000 she said she’s received since the November 8 election. “They’re overpowering my iPad.” As of Wednesday morning 1,500 of them filled up her iPad.

She just deletes them, though.

“Obviously their minds are made up and they’re not going to change. I’m not either.”

Despite losing the popular vote, Donald Trump was able to win the election. This was due to winning swing states Florida and Pennsylvania, along with typically blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin. In order to swing the election to Hillary Clinton, at least 37 electors would have to be "faithless." So far there is just one elector who has confirmed they will vote against trump.

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