Summer is almost here, and Oscar Mayer is ready with a new product. They've introduced Stuffed Dogs, hot dogs with various fillings and flavors.

Molly White, the vice president of marketing at Oscar Mayer, said, "Our ambition is to spark smiles and be the indisputable leader in taste, which is why we reimagined the iconic Oscar Mayer wiener to meet the evolving preferences of our consumers. Whether seeking a spicy twist or pop of creamy cheese, we strive to feed fans’ appetite for category offerings that are currently only available from quick service restaurants."

The company's innovation includes three flavors: Cheese, Jalapeño Cheddar, and Chili Cheese. These new offerings were inspired by consumer demands for spicier options, with real jalapeño peppers and chilies making them stand out. This follows a trend where many consumers have shown a preference for more spicy foods.

Oscar Mayer has also used data to guide its new products, citing a report that showed significant growth in the Cheese Dog category compared to regular hot dogs. They saw this as an opportunity to expand their range.

The Stuffed Dogs are now available in grocery stores across the United States, sold in eight-packs priced at $4.99. This addition is expected to further increase the popularity of hot dogs.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council noted that it's hard to pinpoint the exact number of hot dogs sold annually, but one thing is clear: the market is extensive. They reported that around 896 million pounds of hot dogs were sold in retail, translating to $2.99 billion in sales.

Hot dogs are particularly beloved in Los Angeles and New York, with New Yorkers spending the most on them at retail stores. In LA, spending reached $91.8 million last year.

Summer drives the highest sales, accounting for 38% of annual purchases. A significant spike occurs in July, when 10% of the year's retail hot dog sales happen. It's a good idea to stock up early for the July 4th festivities.

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