Last week, Ric Flair was involved in a heated exchange at a Gainesville bar, footage of which has spread across the internet.

Flair was dining at Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza where he felt "Disrespected More Than I Ever Have In My Entire Life," as he expressed on X, formerly known as Twitter. The conflict started when a video captured Flair arguing with a bartender, where he exclaimed, "I didn’t do anything wrong except spend money and put this place over and bring my family and friends here. That is bad for you."

The bartender questioned why that was problematic, and Flair responded ominously, suggesting he would air the grievance on social media the following day. In a heated moment, Flair derogatorily named the bartender, "Nicholas D---head."

Their dispute touched on an earlier issue involving a prolonged wait caused by the kitchen manager in the bathroom. In an attempt to retaliate, Flair offered a female bartender a $1,000 tip to insult the manager.

Nicholas clarified that he had stopped serving Flair drinks but hadn't asked him to leave, contrary to what Flair claimed. Flair then escalated the situation by suggesting they continue their argument outside, which Nicholas refused, saying he was working. Another bar patron offered to take the confrontation outside instead, prompting a female bartender to intervene and ask for calm.

On Saturday, Flair detailed the incident on X, lamenting the disrespect he experienced after spending $1,500 and interacting positively with other patrons and staff. He advised his followers against visiting the establishment, punctuating his message with his signature "WOOOOO!"

However, the restaurant owner, Jerry Roberts, defended his staff to The Gainesville Sun, praising their professional handling of the situation. He confirmed their response was in line with the establishment's values and that he was proud of their conduct.

Flair, aged 75, has a history of health and alcohol-related challenges.

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