President Obama

President Obama likes to think of himself as a fiscal champion who has brought us out of the hole. Well, President Obama forgot to mention this (per Conservative Tribune):

As reported by Politico, the latest report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office revealed that this year’s deficit is slated to skyrocket nearly a third from $438 billion to $590 billion. Federal spending, a large swath of which is wasted on undeserved entitlements, is also expected to rise by up to 5 percent.

Overall, America is in store for higher deficits and an even larger debt. The Hill added that “by the end of this year, the national debt is expected to reach its highest debt-to-GDP ratio since 1950.” And by 2026, that debt will reportedly reach $23 trillion, or 85 percent of GDP.

Does this sound at all that President Obama is the financial champion he portrays himself as? I'll let you answer that.

President Obama's Failures

Obamacare, free cell phones, free college? What is Obama's failed policies that wasted a TON of money.

President Obama's policy failures are starting to stack up with Hillary Clinton lies.

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