In Oklahoma it's not that big of a deal when a mother marries her biological daughter. On Tuesday a woman pleaded guilty to this.

Misty Velvet Dawn Spann of Duncan, Oklahoma, 26, married her biological mother, Patricia Ann Spann, 44, when they "hit it off" after they were reunited in 2014, per The Blaze. Patricia lost custody of her daughter and two sons when they were children so she did not raise them.

Misty was sentenced to the harshest penalty allowed in Oklahoma for incest: 10 years probation.

An Oklahoma Department of Human Services child welfare investigator raised suspicions about the incestuous relationship.

The reason the couple married? To get more entitlements from the government. “Misty and Patricia told me they got married to basically defraud the state in order to receive more benefits under health care. That sort of thing,” according to Detective Justin Smith.

Per The Blaze:

"The marriage was annulled Oct. 12 after Misty filed for an annulment 'by reason of illegality and fraud.' She said her mother told her she had received legal advice indicating that their marriage was legal because Patricia’s name was no longer on Misty’s birth certificate."

That's not the only sick thing Patricia has done. It turns out she married one of her biological sons in 2008. This marriage was annulled in 2010.

So Patricia has married a biological daughter and biological son. How insane is that?

Patricia has pleaded not guilty and will get her day in court in January. It seems 10 years probation is extremely likely.

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