If you didn't hear, many people turned President's Day into Not My President's Day. Here's one. Watch this gay anti-Trump protester owned by Tucker Carlson.

Gay Anti-Trump Protester vs Tucker Carlson


Obviously, this man lacks substance. He is out protesting, but he can't nail down exactly what he is protesting again. The best thing he could come up with is that Trump may take 'potential action gays.' Not a really strong take. Also, not at all true.

The best thing about Tucker Carlson is that he does not let this guy off the hook. He refuses to answer Tucker's question, so he continues to press. When the anti-Trump protester starts to ramble, he attempts to pull him back on track, which is virtually impossible. If you're a gay man, what is Trump gonna do to you?

The best part was at the very end. This poor guy has been owned by Tucker for several minutes, so he goes to the left's favorite talking point when they know they have been destroyed. What about Trump's taxes? Why hasn't he released them? I protested that! Somehow we went from this gay man being afraid of what Trump was going to do to him and somehow ended up talking about taxes.

Like and share this if you stand with Tucker. The anti-Trump protesters are ridiculous and have no idea what they even stand for.

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