While on the Tucker Carlson show, a socialist professor says the wealthy should pay 80% tax. Then Tucker Carlson owns her. Her argument was that the top 1% earners in the United States should pay 80% in taxes. Anyone with any sense realizes that taking 80% of the money from the top 1% would not allow many of them to even survive.

As usual, Tucker does not leave you disappointed. He made a great suggestion for her. Why doesn't she pay 70% of her income? He even gave her an address that she could mail the check to!

Tucker Carlson: “But you’re asking other people to give their money to the government. Why aren’t you giving 70% of your income to the government? You could!”

Commie professor: “Well I’m not in the top 1% but I have no issue-”

Tucker Carlson: “You don’t need to be.”

Commie professor: “Well that’s the argument I’m making right now. That’s it’s not about working class Americans or people like me who are upper income Americans, um it’s really about the wealthiest top 1% now–I pay about 30%.”

Tucker Carlson: “Why not pay 70%? I don’t understand. Like what’s holding you back?

At this point the commie professor started stuttering because she was at a loss for words…

Commie professor: “You know what’s holding me back? If if if I knew how to do that um I would have no issue doing that, but the tax code is totally convoluted.”

Tucker Carlson: “No no no let me simplify it for you. Just write a check. Pay your taxes. Just figure it out. You pay 30%? Then just figure out the other 40% and write a check to the U.S. Treasury.”

Watch the video!

Socialist Professor Says the Wealthy Should Pay 80% Tax

These socialist professors always think everyone should give their money to the government. Then when challenged to do the same, they begin studdering and can't finish a sentence.



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