Lethal doses of deadly Sarin was dropped on Syrian men, women, children and babies. This was an order from President Bashar Assad. The entire world has reacted in horror.

There are so many completely heartbroken images on there. Stacks of dead bodies. A father holding his lifeless twin baby girls. It's a situation that made President Trump so angry that he made a move to send a message that this type of thing will not be tolerated.

Some people may have been surprised by this move. Why is this? Well former President Obama bragged that he removed all chemical weapons from Syria years ago. Check out the video.

It's good to have a president in office who acts assertively. President Obama just pretended to be assertive, while he didn't actually do anything about the threat of chemical weapons. Instead of talking about it, Trump acted decisively and punished those who tortured the poor people of Syria.

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