ESPN Host Jemele Hill Calls Police “Slave Patrol” – Twitter DESTROYS Her

Much like the rest of far left ESPN, ESPN host Jemele Hill can’t understand why Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job in the NFL.

Hill thought it was a good idea to take things a step further. Her rage got the best of her in this situation. While discussing the issue on Twitter, Hill agreed with a comment that said police were a ‘slave patrol.’

ESPN Host Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill, Liberal, ESPN, Far Left, Slave Patrol, Police, Cops

She was having some back and forth on Twitter after the Baltimore Ravens signed a former Arena Football League quarterback instead of Colin Kaepernick. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Hill thought it was perfectly fine when Kaepernick compared all cops to racist, slave owners from years past.

Johnson was obviously shocked by her response, but he kept his cool and maintained a civil discussion.

At this point Hill decided it was time to pump the brakes. She did her best to take a step back, but she still called the entire American legal system “racist.”

Despite the ridiculousness of Hill, Johnson still maintained his logic.

It should come as no surprise that Johnson wasn’t the only person that didn’t think much of Hill’s tweets.

ESPN continues to purge employees and subscribers while their anchors continue to spout nonsense like this. Really, does it come as a surprise?

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