The Democrats are unable to give credit where it's due when it comes to the unemployment rate. Instead, their Trump Derangement Syndrome kicks in and they'll say things that are completely insane instead of admitting what's true. The latest example was by Kamala Harris.

In this instance, Harris took a page out of the playbook of Democratic Party darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It's pathetic when you'd rather make yourself look like a complete fool than give credit to President Trump, but that's exactly what happened here:

Remember last summer when AOC made similar ridiculous statements about unemployment? It was so bad that left-biased Politifact rated it as "pants on fire."

There were some hilarious responses to this on Twitter. One person accused her of attempting to hijack AOC's brand:

David Basulto did an awesome job of pointing out that these people with multiple jobs are working in California and trying to recover from being over taxed:

President Trump is so far under the skin of the left that they struggle to put together sentences that even make sense. Instead of moving on and trying to produce a candidate for 2020, they continue to push further and further left.

The economy is booming and unemployment is super low. Why try to make up lies to make it look bad? Wouldn't it be a better look to just accept what's happening and talk about how you can contribute to things getting even better?

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