Not very long ago, Rep. Katie Hill had her world turned upside down after pictures of her and her staffer were leaked.

If you haven't seen the photos, they show Hill sitting naked brushing her staffer's hair. There are many other photos as well included one showing her naked with a nazi tattoo in her pubic area. She is also seen smoking from a bong.

But she's now also being investigated for sexual misconduct for having an affair with a staff member who is 24 (Hill is 32).

To make things a little more complicated, Desjardins (the staffer) actually took part in a three-way relationship with Hill and her husband. That relationship ended over summer when Hill told the both of them that she wanted to focus on her work.

Here's where things take a turn. Apparently, she has a new boyfriend who is a member of her staff.

According to text messages, Desjardins was truly destroyed by Hill's secrets.

‘I’m still a mess over you f***ers.’ 

‘I didn’t realize how much being the dirty little secret bothered me,’ the staffer wrote, adding that the three-way relationship was ‘toxic’. 

‘It was a dark time and you treated me really poorly but I also stayed which I also have to own,’ she wrote. ‘The relationship was just not healthy.’ 

Desjardins texted Hill that the breakup was ‘crushing’. ‘I am not going to be a toy for you on the weekends,’ she wrote to the congresswoman. 

‘I at least thought you enjoyed that time and that it meant a lot to you. It’s really crushing to find out that it doesn’t.’ 

Desjardins told Heslep that she is struggling to get over Hill, who was still paying her for ‘fundraising consulting’ as recently as last month according to FEC records. 

‘I am still in love with her,’ Desjardins wrote to Heslep. ‘It rips my heart out every time I have to see her or have someone say something nice about her. 

‘She doesn’t care or really have any concept of how deep the wounds go.’  

What we've now learned is that Hill has been having a relationship with her legislative director Graham Kelly. She denies any inappropriate relationship with Graham, but, a text message exchange between a campaign videographer and her husband confirms that the two were having an affair. 

You can see the photos at Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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