Colin Kaepernick Destroyed By Cuban-American at the Goal Line and LOSES

On Sunday, Colin Kaepernick DESTROYED by Cuban-American at the goal line. Even better, Kiko Alonso posts a photo of the destruction on Twitter.

Colin Kaepernick Destroyed By Cuban-American

Alonso, of Cuban descent, posted a photo of himself crushing Kaepernick at the goal line with the caption “Vamos Coño !!!! #FinsUp #MiamiDolphins #MIAvsSF#CubaLibre”

If you were wondering what Vamos Coño means, it directly translates to “Come on pussy.”

Cuban American Destroys Kapernick

Going into the game, Kiko Alonso made no secret about his dislike for Kaepernick. When Colin Kaepernick shirt, it angered many Cubans, including Alonso.

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