CNN Busted Using Socialist as Former Trump Supporter to Fool People Into Thinking Trump is Losing Support

CNN is back at it pushing fake news. This time CNN is busted using a socialist as a former Trump supporter. They even had him pretend that he regrets voting for Trump.

Even if they didn’t realize that Jeremy was not really a Trump voter, any amount of investigating would have quickly determined that he clearly did not vote for Trump.

CNN probably wishes they could have this one back. They should have easily known something was up when a former Trump voter quickly became very hateful toward the Commander-in-chief. Now it’s obvious that this guy is a phony.

Watch – CNN busted using a socialist as a phone Trump supporter

As stated in the video, one of two things happened:

  1. CNN planted Jeremy on the show to cast shade at Trump and make bad remarks about him.
  2. CNN put Jeremy on the show thinking he was a legit Trump voter and former Trump supporter, despite doing zero background research on this socialist.

Either way it’s a bad look for CNN. They have clearly been doing everything they can to take down President Trump. 92% of their stories on President Trump have been negative.

The main goal of CNN is to attack Trump’s base and at this point they are doing a pretty pathetic effort.


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